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Użi adeżivi mingħajr dwiefer

Ħin: 2023-09-12 Viżti: 25


Nail-free adhesive uses:

Nail-free adhesive sealing effect is good, high adhesion, and in the process of use will not emit formaldehyde, no odor. It can be better applied to various industrial fields, such as electrical signs, automobile signs and mercury lenses, handles, etc.

Nail-free adhesive sealing good performance advantages, has been recognized by various industrial fields, a wide range of use, reliable. Especially in the selection of nail free sealing products need to pay attention to its quality, only high quality products can achieve good sealing and bonding effect, so in the selection of nail-free adhesive need to be extra careful, must choose quality assurance brand suppliers, such as SRAZ, focus on nail-free adhesive research, provide customized nail-free adhesive application solutions. Widely used, can be used in new energy, military, medical, aviation, shipping, electronics, automobiles, instruments, power supplies, high-speed rail and other industries.

Advantages of nail-free adhesive:

1, nail-free adhesive sealing effect is good, fast bonding speed, calculated in "seconds". Generally speaking, the adhesive can achieve surface curing in 2-3 hours, and the curing process is completely completed in about a day.

2, Nail-free adhesive seal bonding strength is high, but also has a strong fixing strength.

3, Nail-free adhesive bonding sealing effect is good, wide bonding range.

4, Nail-free adhesive is environmentally friendly material, there will be no bad effects after curing.

5, The nail-free adhesive storage period is relatively long, in 27℃ warehouse storage, can be placed for more than 24 months.

6, Nail-free adhesive has the construction characteristics of simple operation, no need to drill, nail, save manpower.

7, Nail-free adhesive is strong, a small amount of use can achieve good results, save material costs.

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