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Silicone sealant main uses:

Insulation and sealing of various heating elements and moisture-proof, waterproof and mildew proof, shock proof; Widely used in household appliances, food machinery, electronic circuit boards, electric energy, electromagnetic, solar energy and other industries bonding and sealing; Silicone sealant can be used in energy-saving lamps, solar lamps and handicraft lamps and other lamps industry; Other moisture-proof and leak-proof coating and other sealing purposes.

Silicone sealant advantage

1、Silicone sealant has superior high and low temperature resistance. High temperature resistant silicone sealant also maintains good thermal aging performance at 280℃.

2、Silicone sealant has better sealing. High temperature silicone sealant is produced without adding 20% of the high boiling point petroleum solvent, which can ensure that the gum does not crack for a long time and ensure the tightness.

3、High temperature silicone sealant has super bonding strength. The general tensile strength and shear strength of high-temperature silicone sealant are greater than 1.5MPa, and the tensile strength and shear strength of special varieties will reach 3.5MPa.

4、Silicone sealant has better acid resistance. The import of raw materials, the production process, without adding other fillers, greatly improve the chemical properties of the sealant mainly reflects acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance.

5、Transparent and white silicone sealant is also better than ordinary silicone anti-yellowing.

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